Kitchen box ©: Centralized Technical Management (GTC) for professional kitchens


Kitchen box ©: Centralized Technical Management (GTC) for professional kitchens
Saturday, November 1, 2014Description :
Which chef did not dream of being able to control in real time the energy consumption of his kitchen? What manager did not want to check with a simple click the conformity of the temperatures of its cold rooms or the state of fouling of its extraction networks? Which manager did not want to manage his restaurant with a centralized technical management system? Today, with the Kitchen box ©, the dream comes true!

Following the success of the Safety First and Concept Azur © systems, SAFEXIS, the specialist in the management of professional kitchens, launches the Kitchen box ©, an innovation in the air, able to remotely control the energy consumption of equipment But also a whole range of associated equipment.

Revolutionary, the Kitchen box © is able to establish an accurate "reporting" of consumption and highlights any anomalies.

The Kitchen box © is a new tool indispensable to all professional kitchens thanks to the energy savings that it allows to realize and the good practices of use that it incites to put in place.

The Kitchen box ©: created to meet the expectations of users

It is to meet the expectations of its restaurant customers that SAFEXIS has devised the Kitchen box ©, a smart enclosure capable of performing the technical measures that nobody in the kitchen has the time to do on the equipment and yet are More and more necessary at the time of the hunt for waste!

Until now, controlling the consumption, fluid by water, gas, electricity, of a kitchen was a real challenge ... It is also difficult for a chef to understand how his team, whose turnover is sometimes high, uses The material and how it works ...

Now, with the Kitchen box ©, the kitchen manager is able to precisely identify energy-consuming areas and can be warned in real time of one or more abnormal consumptions! Alerted, he can then set up procedures to control his consumptions (lighting plan of appliances for example), cleanings to undertake or plan (ducts, hoods ...) and he can also optimize the maintenance of his equipment .

La Kitchen box ©: alerts

Thanks to sensors installed on each meter and connected to the Kitchen box ©, the manager has a dashboard always available where it can constantly view a multitude of practical information since the display of the box always shows the objectives And the alert in case of abnormal consumption:


Measurement of consumption (water, gas, electricity)

> Displays hourly and daily consumptions.


Measurement of consumption by zone

> Shows daily consumption by area and by fluid.


Measuring equipment usage time

> Indicates the number of hours of use of the devices and reports the information to the maintenance repository.


Equipment optimization plan

> Offers the possibility of setting up a lighting plan of the connected devices and indicates the savings achieved.


Control and recording of cold room temperatures

> Indicates the temperature of the cold rooms, activates a visual alarm, alerts by SMS or by mail in case of deviation from the reference temperatures and guarantees the traceability and the data history over a long period.


Control of the level of fouling of the extraction networks

> Makes it possible to know the state of fouling of the extraction network and to optimize the maintenance.


Automatic ventilation control

> Displays the hourly consumption, indicates the level of extraction in real time and allows to see the savings realized since the installation.


Automatic fire suppression system

> Indicates the operating status of the systems and the date of the last maintenance.

The Kitchen box ©: configured to measure, it is installed in all kitchens!

Plug & Play, the Kitchen box © is installed in all professional kitchens. All data is integrated into the Kitchen Report Manager, accessible via mykitchen- Thus, the manager of several restoration sites can visualize the various kitchens and establish, for example, comparisons, in particular on fluid consumption in relation to the number of cutlery served. The Kitchen box © becomes a new eco-management tool!

The Kitchen box ©: the service contract

The purchase of a Kitchen box © is accompanied by a service contract which includes:

• Maintenance of the Kitchen box ©

• Access to the hot line Kitchen box ©

• Access to the Kitchen Report Manager on

• Hosting of data on a secure site

• Management of email and SMS alerts

• Telecommunication costs

• The software update

The price depends on the number of equipment associated with the Kitchen box © chosen by the customer. An estimate is systematically established after audit of the site to equip.

About Safexis-Europe SAS

SAFEXIS-Europe SAS has been specialized for more than 30 years in the technical management of professional kitchens.

SAFEXIS offers kitchen professionals tailor-made technical solutions:

• Fire protection with SAFETY FIRST® automatic fire extinguishing systems

• Ventilation control with the CONCEPT AZUR® controller

• Centralized Technical Management with the Kitchen box®

SAFEXIS now ensures the installation, programming and maintenance of its equipment to more than 6,000 customers: fast food and shopping chains, restaurants, hotels ...

SAFEXIS is recognized internationally for the quality of its products as well as for the professionalism of its teams, who know perfectly the professions of the professional kitchen.

SAFEXIS is a member of the Kitchen Global Services network.

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