RKF: the art of fine linen for luxury hotels, spas and restaurants


RKF: the art of fine linen for luxury hotels, spas and restaurants
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The linen is an essential element to the daily comfort of everyone to any place. Knowing how to propose textures (linen, cotton satin, percale, sponge, velvet ...) the most silky while respecting the skin is a craft.

RKF is a French company specialized in the design and production of refined linen (towels and linen) for a demanding clientele composed of luxury hotels. With a special range for spas and institutes and thus contribute to relaxation and well-being.

It also offers a refined table linen for the pleasure of the senses in the great restaurants. It also caters to the world of golfers and the world of yachting.

Based in the Vosges, RKF is present in 26 countries in Europe, Asia, the North American continent, Africa and the islands.

To meet the expectations of a luxurious clientele, RKF offers high quality linen thanks to exceptional raw materials and rigorous work.

Specialist in Luxury Hospitality

If the RKF house offers products of great sobriety, the brand offers a very wide range of fabrics and colors.

RKF has developed over the years in several areas thanks to its know-how, personalized support for each customer's request, and the elegance and quality of its products.

A Towel of exceptional comfort for an optimum well-being of the skin

Towels and bath mats, mules, gloves and hand squares, bath towels ...

And comfortable and cozy bathrobes, like a caress on the body. In sponge, velvet or honeycomb, they provide a feeling of extreme softness.

RKF is a partner of THG which produces very high-end bathrooms. And for the first time, RKF is partnering with the "Award for Best Hotel Bath in Europe" as part of the Prix Villégiature.

Softness and elegance for a bed linen that guarantees a high quality sleep

Sheets and covers, pillows and bolsters, quilts and duvet covers, bedspreads, alèzes and protectors mattresses, pillowcases, blankets and plaids RKF is now present in the rooms of the most luxurious hotels to offer nights of memorable comfort in Associating regularly with the bedding brand: Sealy.

When the luxury and the softness of the linen are invited to the spa ...

RKF offers a comfortable, cozy laundry on the body, but also resistant and easy to clean. For example, spas, thermal baths and thalassotherapy use RKF for its fine linen and the exceptional sensations it offers, considering it a partner of relaxation and well-being for their clients.

Many providers have already trusted him (Lancôme, Carita, Decléor, Algotherme, Jean d'Estrée ...).

RKF continues to innovate and adapt to the very demanding demands of these customers and the company has linked a privileged partnership with Terraké, the spa brand of the Thalgo Group.

Thus, the line of exclusive linen intended for Spas was created: "Terraké by RKF". A set of linen has been created, consisting of a floor mat (velvet or cotton), a customer bath sheet, a bed sheet, a towel and a guest towel, with 2 colors.

This unique and personalized range combines the warm and refined tones of luxury, sensory research with cotton and velvet and ease of maintenance over the long term.

The restaurants also use the know-how of RKF because a refined table linen contributes to the pleasure of the senses.

Custom toppings in linen or mestizos to dress up the chefs' tables. Privileged partner: Ercuis Raynaud.

For golfers to live their passion "at their fingertips, clubs offer them RKF towels and aware that excellence is in the smallest details, the world of yachting makes available to its customers linen RKF, a sign of comfort, softness, finesse and luxury.

Craft work based on French know-how

To achieve such a refined linen, you need precision, meticulousness and know-how: everything RKF sets up to offer top-quality products while remaining sober and elegant.

The French know-how of the company began in 1834, oriented mainly to export and especially in the Middle East where luxury was strongly demanded.

Raw materials of excellence for exceptional sensations

RKF chooses the raw materials where they are best: long-fiber noble cotton mainly comes from Egypt and America and linen is French.

Cotton, honeycomb, percale, velvet, silk, microfibre, cotton satin, linen, cashmere ... It controls all the differences of appearance, softness and texture.

Fidelity to tradition and creativity

In order to best meet the needs of each of its customers, RKF has a creative department where new lines are designed according to customer needs and market trends, but retaining craft methods.

The French know-how comes from the mastery of work on noble fabrics; A practice that is transmitted from generation to generation within the company where little girls have learned the techniques of their mothers and grandmothers to reproduce in turn this precision know-how.

Craftsmen must meet specific requirements. They respect the materials during the manufacture and take care of the finishes to propose a product of an extreme finesse down to the detail.

RKF offers all its know-how in personalization for maximum refinement

The embroidery programs used are the most advanced. With panels 6 meters high, it is now possible to make pieces of art loaded with embroidery worthy of the European palaces and royal mansions of the Middle East.

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