Roommatik M series check-in kiosks


Roommatik M series check-in kiosks
Description :

We completely automate the check-in process, meeting all country-specific legal requirements. Retrieve the reservation data, scan the guests ID documents, registration form signing, credit card or cash payment and issuing the room key. Different form factors and sizes are available. We provide different models for countertop placement, wall embedding, wall hanging, floorstanding, etc. From our ?no-frills? designs to our most complete units, you will find a kiosk that best suits your needs.

Our most flexible kiosks range is our M-size. They combine their medium format with a broad range of configuration options. All of them feature a 17-inch touch screen and allow for any room key technology: contactless, magnetic stripe, code keys, bluetooth, even physical keys!!. Also, they include document identification and credit card payment. Different form factors are available for hanging or embedding in the wall. Also, front or rear access is selectable at your convenience.

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