Robot-Coupe R45 Cutter Mixer : #THEsolution for large quantities

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Friday, November 17, 2023Description :
#THEsolution Discover the R 45 Cutter Mixer. Large-scale production kitchens, institutions, central kitchens, caterers and even small companies in the agri-food industry require dedicated machines! Robot-Coupe has been meeting their needs since 1961. Thanks to your R 45 Cutter Mixer all your preparations can be made by just pressing a button: emulsions and sauces; mince meat and fish; chop onions, herbs and spices; grind nuts, chocolate or praline; knead dough. This top of the range floor-standing Cutter Mixer is the must for Pastry and Kitchen Chefs processing large volumes up to 20 KG in 2 min! Visit our website for more information on the R 45 Cutter Mixer: @RobotCoupeOfficialChannel

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