Robot-Coupe R 402 Food Processor: Cutter & Veg Prep Machine.

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Thursday, February 1, 2024Description :
#THEsolution Compact and versatile, the Robot-Coupe R 402 Food Processor - Cutter & Vegprep machine - is #THEsolution to make a multitude of "homemade" preparations in no time and without effort: sauces, chopping of meat, fish, onions, herbs and spices, kneading, grinding of dried fruits, chocolate or praliné... and up to 28 different fruit and vegetable cuts, without forgetting French Fries and Dicing! You can now chop1.5 kg of meat in 2 minutes and grate 4 kg of carrots in 1 minute! For even more versatility, it can even have a Juice and Coulis Extraction Function. So simplify your daily life in kitchen! Visit our website for more information on R 402 Food Processor.

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