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Something very powerful happens when Anela leads guests to a particular view along the the path she takes through the coastal uplands. Some guests might gasp, others won't say anything, choosing instead to marvel at the coastal view in silence. The overwhelming beauty of Lana'i inspires a pause for appreciation. People stop; breathe it in. In this moment Anela feels most connected to the land, her culture, her ohana (family). This connection is why she leads tours at Four Seasons Resorts Lana'i. Her family has always been close. Her grandfather was one of the last paniolo (cowboys) on Lana'i. He was a mentor to Anela's father, to whom she was also close. Her parents taught her that Hawaii culture runs deep, fostering a respect for the land and people and the importance of sharing genuine aloha. This is what she brings to each of her tours through Lana'i: a chance to connect others to her culture'and honor her ohana in the act. About Four Seasons Resorts Lanai: Only a truly unspoiled place can spoil you so completely. Stroll among towering Cook pines one minute and atop silken sands the next as you explore every inch of this magnificent island of contrasts. All the while, uncompromising luxury will ensure that you want for nothing on this private island playground. Discover other remarkable Hawaiian stories at Learn more about Four Seasons Lana'i, visit

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