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When Anela leads you on horseback through the rugged uplands of Lana'i, it's personal. She's traversing the land of her grandfather'one of the area's last paniolo (?cowboy?). Here is where she feels the most connected, and when she shares that connection on one of her tours for guests of Four Seasons Resort Lanai, she feels the most joy. On Oahu, Kah'k? has found his language, his people, and his heritage. He passes on that blessing as concierge at Four Seasons Resort Oahu, curating a culturally rich and uniquely local experience. On The Big Island of Hawaii, Uncle Earl heads the cultural center at the island's Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, honoring his mother's wish to share his aloha. The cultural center invites you to a deeper level of appreciation of the land, the people, and all of the connections in between. This appreciation continues on to the shores of Maui, where Beth, from Kids For All Seasons at Four Seasons Resort Maui, leads children on outdoor trips to tide pools and beyond, connecting them to a deeper, richer Hawaii. About Four Seasons Resorts Hawaii: In Hawaii, Mother Nature has left us spoiled for choice, and we are thankful for it. From the volcanic beauty of the Island of Hawaii to the verdant lushness of Maui, from the iconic majesty of Oahu to the beautiful spectrum of scenery on Lanai – find the Hawaii you have been dreaming of, and much more. Explore more from Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts in Hawaii. Four Seasons Resort Hualalai: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Four Seasons Resort Maui: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Four Seasons Resort Oahu: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Four Seasons Resorts Lanai: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Visit Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts online: Official Site: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Instagram:

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