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"It's like they're in my living room,? says Kah'k?, about his role as the Four Seasons Resort Oahu concierge. He sees his work as an embodiment of Hawaiian culture. He gets to know his guests, learns their interests, and inspires genuine experiences beyond their beautiful rooms. He connects others to his culture precisely because he has so long worked to reconnect to it himself. His grandfather spoke Hawaiian but was unable to pass it along to Kah'k?'s mother, and after the death of his "Papa? the family became lost. Kah'k? had to return his roots. He learned the language in college, sharing it with his family by naming relatives and reciting prayers, and along the way gained a deep respect for hula'understanding that it's more than movement, it is an interconnected and multilayered expression of who he is and where he is from. Through doing comes knowledge. From the hill hikes for his hula to sharing his aloha, this is how Kah'k? stays connected to his ancestors: by sharing his roots with you. About Four Seasons Resort Oahu at Ko Olina: There is no one Hawaii. It is a thousand stories, sights and traditions – and on Oahu’s sun-drenched western coast, you can experience it all and more. Discover your true ?place of joy? in our expansive retreat, where you’ll find authentic Hawaiiana and a contemporary twist. Discover other remarkable Hawaiian stories at Learn more about Four Seasons Oahu , visit

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