VOD Diffusion is a French company with a capital of 500.000 euros which is established on a large part of the French territory, specialized in Wifi new generation perfectly adapted to the harsh environments and in IP solutions like the wireless VOD, (exclusive Wifi Telecom !!!) .We deploy: - very high speed Internet and intranet networks (300 Mb), - wireless video protection systems, - VOIP (telephony) networks, - wireless home automation, - and today the Video Wireless Demand (patent study in progress). We offer a full range of services to ensure perfect peace of mind: - Commissioning, - Maintenance, - Training (Prefectural Approval 93 13 13512 13), - The support of the legal obligations of traceability. We guarantee the after-sales service and have a Hot Line for our customers and users. We are the only ones to commit ourselves to an obligation of satisfaction, donation c to provide you with a reliable and guaranteed solution.

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