From curtains to upholstery, wall hangings to partition boards, indoor sun protection to noise-absorbing fabrics, Trevira CS fabrics are versatile and offer unlimited application possibilities for interior decoration. The built-in flame retardant properties provide permanent safety that can not be impaired by use, washing and aging. Trevira GmbH (Germany) is an innovative European producer of high-end Polyester fibers. The Company is renowned worldwide for its permanently flame-retardant Polyester fibers and yarns for upholstery fabrics. These flame retardant fabrics, under the trademark Trevira CS issued for tested and approved fabrics, are used in all areas of applications. They provide a secure, attractive and comfortable environment for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, offices, public buildings, the railway sector, the aviation industry and cruise ships. Trevira CS fabrics are tested and certified according to the main international fire standards and IMO resolutions for the maritime sector. A wide variety of collections with thousands of designs are available in Trevira CS worldwide: Curtains Decorative Fabrics Upholstery Fabrics Blind Blinds Roller Blinds Sliding Curtains Wall Hangings Separation Panels Bedding Table LinensTrevira flame retardant hybrid yarns are another specialty for the upholstery industry and are used as a base for materials for example, for the internal sun protection. With Trevira CS Bioactive, the flame retardant property is complemented by an antimicrobial additive function. Trevira CS Bioactive textiles meet both fire safety and hygiene requirements. Fabric manufacturers Trevira CS and Trevira CS Bioactive can be found under
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