Founded in 1949, CRISTINA has established itself over the years to become one of the major players in the faucet. Capable of anticipating design trends and proposing innovative, aesthetic, functional and environmental protection solutions, the company, which is owned by the Cristina family in Gozzano, near Milan, is now firmly run by Alberto and Francesca Cristina. THE GROWTHCAN year by year, CRISTINA has ensured regular growth, which materialized in the 1980s through the acquisition SILFRA, manufacturer of timed waste and taps: Cristina then changed its name to CRS SpA.With 4 factories for a total of 35,000 m2 and 250 employees, CRISTINA is now more than proud of its production 100 % Made in Italy.DE LARGE AMBITIONSPo develop Cristina has anchored its production in Italy but has quickly seated its development thanks to an active distribution policy. export: the brand is now represented in more than 70 countries with a predominance in Europe. The company is also pursuing a strategy of expansion towards Mediterranean Africa, the Far East, Oceania and America, which enables it to achieve 60% of its turnover for export and In France, in 1998, Cristina decided to found Ondyna, a real distribution subsidiary for all of the group's products. Ondyna ensures the success of the brand in France by relying on the quality of products (8 year warranty) associated with a responsive and efficient commercial and logistics service.
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