NEW RAMIC is a ceiling or wall covering concept for environments where the aseptic and cleanliness levels are the most demanding. In doing so, our coating is perfectly adapted to HACCP, ISO 14644-1, ISO 22000 standards. come into contact with foodstuffs, the NEW RAMIC wallplates are the perfect answer to the food-processing infrastructures (professional kitchens, Horeca, cold rooms, production workshop). Furthermore, the characteristics of the plate give it properties adapted to the cleanroom coating but also in the medical analysis laboratories, in the pharmaceutical industry. The advantages of the HACCP wallcovering and ceiling plate, ISO 14644- 1 and ISO 22000 New Ramic: HACCP hygiene and ISO 22000 foolproof. The ultra smooth surface of the NEW RAMIC wallcovering plate prevents any adhesion of germs and bacteria. Result: it offers unparalleled hygiene, according to HACCP standards kitchen but also HACCP hospitals, ISO 22000, ISO 14644-1 or any other medium with high level of asepsis. The ideal product to help you meet your specifications during a transformation according to the rules in force. The wall covering that resists all the aggressions of everyday life. Chemical attack (fungicidal, virucidal, sporicidal disinfection), moisture, stains, shocks or pressure resulting from washing: the NEW RAMIC wall or ceiling plate withstands the most extreme conditions, taking into account severe constraints. An incredible life. NEW RAMIC enthusiasts already know that our coatings are extremely durable. And this, both in terms of ceiling covering and wall layout (kitchen wall, restaurant wall, hospitals, etc.?) More than fifteen years after their installation, the plates NEW RAMIC are still in place with several very demanding multinationals. Our many satisfied customers can testify. The easy renovation of your infrastructure. RENOVATING WITHOUT STOPPING YOUR PRODUCTION. Sandwich panels, tiles, concrete, breeze blocks or metal structures: the ceiling plate, like the NEW RAMIC wall plate, is easy to install, even on a damaged floor. The result is a strict hygiene environment without heavy or expensive construction. An integrated solution: the NEW RAMIC food and antimiofilm wall plate is used as part of a global concept (glue-joint-plate) specifically adapted to your requirements of solidity and asepsis.
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