Our company, Eclat de France, was founded in 1995 and specializes in the maintenance of cutlery in the hotel, catering and peripheral trade. The products we design and build are intended to improve the quality (brilliance), cutlery hygiene and save time.We are constantly looking for innovative solutions for professionals. To the range of cutlery wipers is added the glass wiper and chiller, a true refrigeration microwave. For 18 years Eclat de France has always strived to give full satisfaction to its Customers. Eclat de France works in continuity, our models are evolving, but our oldest machines, aged 15 years, are still topical and in function with our customers.Seepers of cutlery: saving of important time and quality of the appearance of cutlery .Brunisseuse: maintenance of the silverware and the stainless steel.Supplies of glasses: limits of the breakage and brings a gloss and a polish to the glasses, without comparison. Bottle cooler: Avoids the setting up and the storage too long In refrigerated cabinet and allows to serve the wine at the right temperature.Chain of washing: this set of three modulable elements allows without soaking to wash, to glitter, to rinse and to wipe from 8 to 10000 pieces per hour with one person.Solution Carbon'Up: designed to degrease and decarbonize all cooking utensils without overwork. Maintenance products: dipping liquids for cutlery, special brushing gloss soap, vegetable granulate for cutlery wiper, decarbonising powder, gloves White cotton handling for the set-up. To date, numerous catering chains and many restaurants have placed their trust in Eclat de France (the only French manufacturer) for the maintenance of their cutlery. There is also a restaurant, Buffet restaurant, Buffet restaurant, Hayatt, Novotel, Sofitel, Mercure, Servair, Courtepaille, Hippopotamus, Group Flo, Planet Hollywood, Grand Falls, Bristol.
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