THE French manufacturer of professional furniture CHReemer and manufacturer for 54 years of professional furniture (benches / armchairs / sofas / ottomans / fireside / decorative panels / headboards ...) for ERP (Institutions Receiving Public), we cover a multitude of sectors of activities on the national & international network through our many partners.Therefore we touch the areas of the CHR Cafés / Hotels / Restaurants / discotheques / bars / snacks & bakeries-pastry shops? also by the equipment of franchises (shoes, telephony, banks?) of the definition of your need until the arrangement & the organization of your establishment all our know-how is put at your disposal for a single purpose : to bring you satisfaction. French manufacturer: all our products are manufactured in our workshops. It is through the total control of the artisanal production line (cabinet making / upholstery / stitching / painting) and thanks to a qualified and detail-oriented personnel that we can guarantee you the quality of the finished product.By a varied choice of products and of coatings, and the creation of customized models, we will accompany you in your goal of differentiation.But DUMAINE SEIEGES, it is also a second activity in the field of manufacturing modules of psychomotricity for early childhood: LUDOMAINE.So we equip nurseries, kindergartens & primary schools, hospitals, IME (Medical-Educational Institutes).
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