Since 1975 Création Tief manufactures and distributes a range of art luminaries, in glass and bronze; Of art nouveau and baroque style.

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Gift Idea! All our Luminaires are handmade.

And All our shades of glass paste are blown by the mouth;

Our Guarantees:

- Know-how.

- The quality.

- Compliance with delivery deadlines.

- The board .

- SAV ===> 02-35-93-47-20 or 06-27-02-11-60.

Shades of Colors From Light to Light.Ideal for Decoration of Individuals. And Professionals (see further description).

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We are at your service to provide you with further information.

Available colors:

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- Bedroom.

- Living room.

- Office.

- Kitchen room.

- Entrance.

- Bathroom.

Choose your Color from our range of fixtures and interior decoration.

We offer quality glass paste fixtures with solid brass and bronze frames such as:



Floor lamp.


Perfume bottles.

Decoration bottles.

And spare parts:

- Globe.

- Tulip.

- Lampshade.

- Foot of lamps.

- Chopped off.

- Dome.

- Dome.

- Cone.

- Lamp hats.

Our range of products:

Wall lamps.

Floor lamps.



Detached pieces.

Decorative lighting.

Interior decoration.

Perfume bottles.

Decorative bottles.

Renovation Lighting.

Lighting Rental.

Advice. For professionals: Visit our website: Retail.



- Bedroom.

- Living room.

- Office.

- Kitchen room

. - Entrance.

- Bathroom.

- Sales space.

- Perfumery.

- Pharmacy

. - Boutique.

- Deco.

- Point of sale.

- Beauty.

- Care.

- Fashion.

- Cosmetics.

- Food.

- Hotels.

- Restaurants.

- Bars.

- Brasseries.

- Bistrots.

- Nightclubs.

- Theaters.

- Cinema.

- Museums.

- Cabarets.

- Communities.

- Hotel management.

- Luminaire fitting.

- Event.

Wall lamps of chevet.

Wall lamps of Bedroom.

Art Nouveau wall lamp.

Wall lamps for restaurants, hotels, brasserie, bed and breakfast, bistros, bars, community, disco.

Art Nouveau Chandeliers in Bronze and Glass Paste.

Art Deco Chandeliers in Wrought Iron and Glass Paste.

Chandeliers for Hotels restaurants brasseries bars.

Lamps for layout Hotels Catering.

Renovation of fixtures. Tailored. Specialist in lamps, chandeliers, wall lamps and lampposts for the layout of hotels, brasseries and restaurants.

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