Remaining a family business, the IMESA factory occupies a covered area of ??13,000 m² on a total area of ??20,000 m². IMESA plant in Cessalto It is located in the province of Treviso in Veneto, center of the Italian industry of the new millennium, one the most developed areas of the European Union. A perfect central geographical position for trade with all the countries of the European Community, the Eastern European countries and the Mediterranean basin. This central position in Europe, close to the biggest manufacturers of machines for dry cleaning, Ironing machines and stainless steel equipment for hotels reflects well the structure of our company, dynamic and continuously expanding. The size of the company testifies to the abilities and the professional competence of the managers and their collaborators. What can we expect for the future of a manufacturer who has always had the best asset innovation and high technology? Surely a production system and a quality control at the highest level.This technological competence makes it possible to face in a personalized way the problems of the most demanding customers: our team of engineers, always in search of absolute quality, puts in the first plan of his work the interest of the client, with all his requirements.
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